Our high-end single use electrosurgical pencil C-PEN and smoke evacuation pencil C-VAC TORNADO
are comfortable and reliable instruments for use in most surgeries

Smoke Evacuation Pencil

CIMPAX C-VAC TORNADO the ultimate combination of electrosurgery and removal of hazardous smoke in one instrument.
The pencil has a unique triangular design which combined with the silicone cover offers the surgeon perfect ergonomic and safety grip.
The ultra soft micro switch push buttons gives further comfort for the user due the exceptional tactile feedback.
Since the C-VAC TORNADO is Latex, lead, PVC and phthalate free you can perform surgery without concerns for
your health, your colleagues and patient’s health or the environment.

C-VAC m-patent El-Tekst

Electrosurgical pencil C-PEN

The CIMPAX Single Use Electrosurgical Pencil C-PEN is a high quality diathermy pencil.
The electrode is fitted with a hexagonal connection, securing the electrode in the required position.
C-PEN can be used with any electrosurgical generator available.

C-PEN El-tekst-c-pen