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Diathermy or electrosurgery is a surgical technique, which uses heat from an electric current to cut tissue or seal bleeding vessels.

Our high-end single-use electrosurgical pencil CIMPAX C-PEN is a comfortable and reliable instrument for use in most surgeries. Our CIMPAX electrodes includes a full range of single use electrodes for most surgical procedures, including Blade Needle and Ball Electrodes in different lengths, and Loop and Conization Electrodes for cervical biopsy.

CIMPAX C-PEN Disposable Electrosurgery pencil

The CIMPAX C-PEN single use electrosurgical pencil features a slim and ergonomic design ESU pencil of high quality. The electrode is perfectly fitted with a hexagonal connection securing the electrode in the required position. CIMPAX C-PEN can be used with all electrosurgical generator with 3-pin connector.

CIMPAX Electrodes

Extensive range of compatible electrodes to suit any procedure. These include standard blade, Teflon and Silicone coated (non-stick) Blades Needle, and Ball plus a range of Loop and Conization Electrodes all in a wide array of different sizes.