Product range


We supply a complete range of single use monopolar hand instruments, which includes scissors (Metzenbaum), graspers and forceps, plus insufflation (Veress) needle.

CIMPAX Lap Instruments

The CIMPAX Monopolar Laparoscopic Hand Instruments offers everything the surgeon requires to ensure perfect performance throughout the complete procedure.

The handle is ergonomically designed to provide tactile feedback whilst offering high precision during surgery. Additionally, the large rotation wheel can easily be adjusted 360° with index finger enabling surgeon to have full control of distal tip.

The Metzenbaum jaw blades on the CIMPAX C-CUT scissors allow high precision cutting as maximum sharpness on blades is maintained throughout the whole procedure. Furthermore, the CIMPAX C-CUT is available with 11mm cutting blades and 17mm cutting blades.

All CIMPAX laparoscopic instruments are supplied sterile, single-use, and with the following characteristics

Without ratchet
With ratchet
C-Cut (11 & 17mm)
C-Grasp (18 & 22mm)

CIMPAX C-NEEDLE Insufflation (Veress) needle

The CIMPAX C-NEEDLE offers simple, well proven, and safe establishment of pneumoperitoneum for laparoscopic surgery.

The Insufflation or Veress needle is sharp and equipped with a retracting, spring-loaded blunt stylet for easy and controlled insertion. The red visual position indicator and audible and tactile feedback ensures safe penetration and correct needle placement.

In addition, the atraumatic retractor protection minimizes the risk of potential organ damage.